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Subaru Suspension Parts

Subaru became a part of the auto industry in 1968 and quickly grew into a market leader, showcasing their unique boxer engine, as well as the AWD drive train, in 1972. These automobile engines soon became the company standard throughout Subaru’s line up. Their reputable history has been built around expertise and high quality designs in all of their vehicles, and more specifically, with their suspension parts and components. Issues with your Subaru’s front suspension can result innumerous warning signs, such as unusual sounds, irregular tire wear, steering wheel pull, and front-end shimmying, which is a side-to-side shaking of your front tires. There are a few tests you can perform to better help you find the issue at hand. One of the first things to do is examine your Subaru’s shocks by pushing down one front corner of your vehicle and quickly let it go, then count the times your Subaru bounces. If the shocks are in good shape, they will stop bouncing within two or three times. More than three bounces is a sign that your vehicle has worn shocks. You can also test for spring fatigue by checking curb height, which is the distance from your vehicle to the ground, and compare it to the correct height from your manual. For this examination, your Subaru should be at curb weight, which is your vehicle’s weight with a full tank of gas. If the curb height is lower than the specifications, the springs most likely have to be replaced. If you have questions about Subaru’s suspension parts or components, the FCP Import team and website are close by.

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Check the ball joint wear indicator for ball joint wear, which is done by examining the shoulder on the joint. If the shoulder is dug in, you should replace your ball joint. Also, examine the condition of your Subaru’s suspension bushings. These are the rubber components used on the inner ends of your control arms. Try pushing the control arm against the bushings looking for regular movement. As you do so, look at your bushings. If you notice the control arm moving in relation to its shaft, the bushings are worn and need to be replaced. Start an electronic diagnosis if your Subaru has a computerized suspension system, by joining a scan tool to the diagnostic connector. Trouble codes will pop up for any suspension parts, including, solenoids, shock actuator motor, electrical relays, height sensors, compressor motor, and others. FCP Import's qualified and educated call center team is available for any support or questions you may have. If you are unsure about which suspension part or component is a favorite for your Subaru, FCP has an extensive product line for the Subaru brand. Check out the FCP Import website for all products, as well as our regularly updating inventory. If you have questions, would like to put in a phone order, or just have feedback, do not hesitate to give FCP Import a call at 877-634-0063 to connect with our service friendly team.

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