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Subaru Parts

Subaru, the brand that has developed a cult-like following with millions of devoted and passionate drivers, has built a reputation like no other Japanese car maker. The amazing qualities of Subaru vehicles are truly limitless. However, one of the greatest aspects of these vehicles is that Subaru auto parts, whether Subaru OEM parts or Subaru performance parts, are interchangeable between various Subaru models. If you’re searching for Subaru accessories or Subaru parts online, you’ve come to the right place. At FCP Import, you’ll find all the Subaru parts that you need for your repair or upgrade.

Subaru began operating in the United States in 1968. Their first model sold in the United States, the 360, was advertised as a “Cheap and Ugly” car selling for only $1297. The 360, as well as the models that appeared in the 1970s, was small, economical and fuel efficient; a perfect combination for the time given the oil embargo crisis of 1973. In 1975, Subaru offered an AWD version of the Leone, a practical and fuel efficient station wagon that delivered excellent gas mileage and and demonstrated high performance. The Leone paved the way for the future f Subaru as consumers demanded AWD platforms for winter weather driving. The Leone was followed by the BRAT, SVX, Impreza and, more recently, the Forester and Legacy. Subaru has been able to distance itself from other Japanese vehicles by offering boxer (Opposed Style) engines in their line-up of cars. If that alone doesn’t qualify the manufacturer as genuinely unique, consider this: many Subaru’s are turbocharged as well, delivering maximum performance and a thrilling driving experience that other vehicles can’t match. But what truly separates Subaru from the competition is offering all wheel drive as a standard option on their vehicles, thus building a reputation of manufacturing vehicles that are safe and performance oriented.

Genuine & OEM Subaru Parts

When it comes time to repair your beloved Subaru, be sure to use Subaru OEM parts from FCP Import. FCP Import offers you quality Subaru auto parts with a life-time guarantee as long as an ASE certified technician installs the parts. Choose FCP Import for Subaru performance parts and Subaru accessories. If you don’t see the parts that you are looking for, don’t hesitate to give one of our experienced and dedicated specialists a call at 1-877-634-0063. We have thousands of parts in our warehouse that have yet to be listed!

Subaru Parts Online

We offer Genuine Subaru parts for almost any Subaru. We sell all of our OEM Subaru parts for less than wholesale! If you already have a Subaru part number or want to look up your own parts, please use our online Subaru Parts Catalog. In this catalog, you can find parts like Genuine Subaru brake pads, Genuine Subaru water pumps, Genuine Subaru timing belts, Genuine Subaru headlights, and Genuine Subaru filters, etc.

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