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Nissan Parts

Nissan has made a name for itself in the performance world with models such as the 240sx, 300z, 300zx and Skyline. Nissan performance enthusiasts love modifying their cars for optimal handling and speed. If you are one of these certified Nissan car nuts, you can find all the Nissan Parts and accessories that you need from FCP Import. But you’ll also find OEM Nissan parts at FCP Import for any standard repair and maintenance jobs your Nissan may need.

Nissan Motors was originally founded in 1934 but had its roots planted two decades earlier in the Datsun brand, most renowned for their production of trucks for the military. It wasn’t until 1959 that Nissan decided to offer their vehicles to the North American market branded under the Datsun name. Datsun became infamously popular for its lineup of “Z” cars, most notably the 240z and 280zx, as well as their economical vehicles such as the 510 and 521 Pickup. The 1973 Oil Embargo Crisis would give Nissan the boost it needed to sell its more economical lineup of vehicles that the American public desired at a time when Domestic manufacturers were designing heavy cars with gas guzzling V8s. In 1984, Nissan decided to sell all of its vehicles under the Nissan name rather than Datsun. This decision was made in an effort to globalize the Nissan brand and to build brand awareness that would make Nissan a household name.The 1980’s brought upon us the very popular Sentra and Maxima sedans that we still have with us today. The 1990’s then brought the 240sx, 300zx twin turbo performance car, Pathfinder, and others. Nissan became a true niche for driving enthusiasts that couldn’t find what Nissan offered in any other brand. This revolutionized the import car part industry and facilitated the purchase of Nissan performance parts as well as Nissan accessories designed to enhance the driving experience. This legacy of offering performance oriented vehicles couldn’t be truer for the 21st century as Nissan offered the 350z, 370z, as well as bringing the Skyline to American shores for the first time in Nissan’s long history. But Nissan is also aware of the environmental issues that plague us and is preparing for the launch of the Nissan Leaf, an all-electric car, in 2012.

Nissan Parts Online

Whether it’s performance, economy, or even environmentally friendly cars you are into, Nissan offers it all. To ensure that your Nissan runs properly for many years to come, be sure to replace worn or faulty parts with genuine Nissan parts from FCP Import. If you don’t see the Nissan auto parts that you need, don’t hesitate to contact one of our qualified and experienced customer service representatives at 1-877-634-0063 for courteous and friendly assistance.

Genuine Nissan Parts

FCP Import also carries a wide selection of OEM Nissan Parts ranging from OEM Nissan oil filters to OEM Nissan brake pads. FCP Import purchases directly from the OEM manufacturers and sells directly to you, the consumer which allows for bigger discounts and larger selection that Nissan dealerships and traditional automotive brick and mortar stores. Buy all of your genuine Nissan parts from FCP Import.

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